Pro complete skateboard (Dark blue)


This is a great complete setup for both beginners as well as seasoned professionals! This board comes in a smaller width, so it’s ideal if you’re a bit shorter or you like your board to flip a bit easier. Assemble your own skateboard with this amazing 7-ply Canadian maple deck, with the strongest Epoxy Resin skateboard glue. A classic popsicle shape, perfect concave and amazing pop, these are some of the best boards money can buy. Add a set of lightweight and super sturdy T-shaped Pro trucks or some premium V-shaped trucks in assorted colors, 4 premium 99A wheels and the smoothest abec-9 bearings – this board is perfect for street- and park skating, improves your pop and makes it easier to get your flips done.

Width: 7.625″
Shape: Classic popsicle
Veneer colors: Orange (top), Red (middle), Dark blue (bottom)

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